Welcome to the Leeds Specialist Bronchiectasis service

The Team

Prof Daniel Peckham (Consultant)
Dr Ian Clifton (Consultant)
Dr Giulia Spoletini (Consultant)
Dr Evie Robson (Research Fellow
Alison York (CF Nurse Specialists)
Rita Mele (CF Nurse Specialists)
Niccola Burke (CF Nurse Specialists)
Emma Franks (CF Liaison Support Worker)
Leanne Higgins (CF Liaison Support Worker

The Leeds Bronchiectasis service was set up in 1998 and provides secondary and tertiary care for people with bronchiectasis living in Leeds and west Yorkshire region.

The consultant team

The clinics are run by Prof Daniel Peckham and Dr Ian Clifton who both have specialist interest and training in the management of bronchiectasis. The clinics are supported by specialist nurses and a new Physio is due to be appointed in 2020.

Outpatient service

A dedicated bronchiectasis clinic is held every other Thursday afternoon at Seacroft Hospital.  At each outpatient visit, a patient undergoes sputum analysis, respiratory function tests, oxygen saturation monitoring, weight and height measurements. The service is supported by a specialist nurse.  Patients can review their results in graph format and a clinic letter/report is sent to both the patient and their GP.

Port flushes, end of home IV antibiotics and annual assessment are undertaken in the outpatients.

Emergency access

Emergency drop-in arrangements are in place both in the outpatient clinic and on the ward for those who are registered on the home IV program. Telephone advice is available to both GP and patient.

Home Care

The Clinical Nurse Specialist team, run the home IV service and aims to encourage self-care and responsibility. A formal process of assessment is undertaken to ensure suitability and safety.

Links to key services

The Bronchiectasis team works closely with a large number of specialist clinics, including microbiology, vascular radiology, immunology, ENT and rheumatology.


The bronchiectasis clinic is developing its own guidelines based on BTS Quality Standards for Clinically Significant Bronchiectasis in Adults 


Nebuliser service

Patients undergo a formal nebuliser trial with pre and post lung function before starting new nebulised medication. Drugs include Hypertonic saline, Colomycin and Tobramycin. A clear guideline for the indication and dosing schedule for nebulised antibiotics has been developed.


National audit

The Leeds unit  submits data to the rolling national BTS bronchiectasis audit. The service is run using e records.


Seacroft Hospital
York Road
West Yorkshire
LS14 6UH